The Marketing Funnel – How to Visualize the Journey of Your Customers

The marketing funnel can be described as an outline of the experience of your customers from finding the product’s benefits before making a purchase. It is among the most effective tools available to gather insight, identify the bottlenecks and eliminate these.

Traditional marketing funnels are broken down into four steps: awareness, interest consideration action, attention and consideration. The four stages were modelled on the AIDA framework but modified to reflect current consumer behaviour and digitalization.


Marketing funnels are incomplete when there is no awareness. It’s the first step to gaining a prospective client or client. It is your chance to explain to them that you exist, what you are and how you are able to assist them with your needs.

There are many different approaches to this phase of the marketing funnel. The process can be approached in number of different ways. One approach is to present relevant, informative and interesting content that is engaging and inform. It can be accomplished by using social media or blog articles, as well as through webinars.

Direct mail is yet another successful method to get people talking about your business. To raise awareness of your company and products, you can mail postcards , fun, brand-named stickers. You can also write handwritten notes that include the logo of your business.

Additionally, you can employ social media channels for reaching out to prospective customers and clients as well as encourage them to talk about the services or brand you offer to their family and friends. You can build an engaged group of people who are passionate about your brand, and then they will become customers who are advocates.

The marketing funnel is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to constantly monitor and evaluate it to find out what adjustments that can improve the experience for your clients. You need both qualitative and quantitative metrics to assess whether your funnel for marketing is creating new leads and converting.

Making sure that your customers are satisfied and delivering them the products and services that they desire will determine the viability of your business. It is possible to measure this by ratings of customer satisfaction, repeat revenue, churn rate as well as active customers.

They aren’t quantitative, but it is important to be able measure the customer’s involvement with each piece of material. You can, for instance, analyze the effectiveness of your CTAs in your blog posts and determine which ones are driving the most conversions. This will let you discern which articles are the most successful in helping potential customers navigate the sales funnel.


This is the perfect moment to highlight the potential of your product. Your customers will start to examine your offerings and then decide whether they’re interested in purchasing. The solution you offer could be the best design.

blackcat agency When you reach this stage, it is essential to think outside the box when it comes to your website content. You must convince them that your service is well worth their time as well as their money. The best way to demonstrate this is with an appealing landing page with your top features. It might also be helpful to set up an online chat feature or FAQ section which answers the final questions before they decide to buy your product.

If you can manage it, then multi-channel marketing is an option. The interest phase is your chance to shine. Visitors can be reengaged with emails and social media posts which provide the appropriate type of content to encourage users to move from being a visitor to lead. What’s more, you can track your customer’s progress and ensure that they enjoy a pleasant experience each step of the process. Ortto is a platform for CRM and Analytics that lets you track the actions of your customers and create pertinent marketing collateral.

Then there is the consideration

The process of decision-making is the time when consumers evaluate your product and take an informed decision as to whether it’s an appropriate fit. Customers can take weeks or even months , to determine whether they’re interested in purchasing the product or service. It is essential to offer useful information and materials to aid them through this procedure.

Considerations can be used by brands to boost brand recognition. They can do this by creating content specific to the interest of the viewers for example, like comparing different products or offering free trials and demonstrations.

At this point, companies may also follow up with leads via mailers, specific information, case studies and more. The efforts are able to educate potential customers and help them understand how the brand is able to address the issues they face.

Another option to increase your conversion rates at this point is by encouraging current customers to tell the experience with friends and contacts in the industry. This is one of the most effective ways to drive repeat sales that can end up with a greater average value for orders (AOV).

A well-planned marketing funnel is crucial to your business’s development and prosperity however, it is important to keep your strategies flexible. The world of technology is changing and consumers become increasingly sophisticated, you may find that your marketing strategy will require a shift as well.

When you are able to understand the buyer’s journeyyou will be able to develop more effective marketing advertising campaigns that lead your potential customers from interest to advocacy. To do this, you should design campaigns for each user according to their past actions.

If someone is familiar with your brand well it is possible that they follow your social media accounts or sign up for an email mailing list. Also, they might listen to an audio podcast. It is possible to map these connections to pinpoint the point at that they are and target them with messages in line with their stage.

In our blog, How to recognize your marketing funnel provides more details on how to design your funnel. The article will cover the various types of funnels used in marketing and help you use them successfully. We will provide you with ideas that will help you develop an effective strategy to increase your revenue and conversion rates.


Conversion funnels help you visualize the complete journey of potential clients. Conversion funnels help discern why certain customers convert more than others.

A funnel for conversion online can be a useful tool to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. In the event you study the results of your marketing funnel it will improve your overall experience for visitors and increase your sales.

Marketing funnels are an ongoing process, and it’s important to continue refining your strategy for marketing to stay up with the evolution of your target audience. So, you’ll retain your prospects interested in your company as well as entice them into making purchases.

This is a crucial step on the customer journey since it assists in building confidence with your clients. This also allows you to build a strong relationship with your prospective customers, so they are more likely to purchase from you to come back in the near future.

This stage is where it is possible to attract potential customers to your product or company via advertising and marketing. This may include social media posts, blog content, or other internet-based tactics.

It is also possible to use offline strategies to communicate with potential customers in certain cases. This can be a great option in the event that your intended audience is within a specific region or is a particular population.

As an example, if you’re a food writer who is selling cookbooks, then you can make use of your blog to draw potential purchasers who are seeking recipes. Additionally, you could utilize your newsletter via email and other techniques to engage those potential customers, and convince buyers to complete a purchase.

Important to consider every single conversion you achieve will benefit your business. A high conversion rate means that your website is attracting more customers on your site, which is more than what your costs. This means your visitors spend more time browsing your pages and spending more time on them.

You can track the rates of conversion of each of the steps in the marketing funnel you are using by reviewing your Google Analytics reports. This data is used to evaluate if the funnel is successful.

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